Patio Motor Court is surrounded by some of the best foliage that can be viewed in September, and October also minutes to other exceptionally views with the backdrops of  mountain views, wildlife ranging ,and plus you never know what can run into  your photo shot. The rivers and scenery views alone with the foliage is enticing to photographers. The Patio is located at the Northern tip of The 100 mile scenic drive (Route 302) which loops back. This is a full day drive and if you have kids they will enjoy some of the attractions on the route. The Patio can provide other scenic routes to see the foliage which also loops back.

Besides the foliage, shop around in our local towns, or at stores or even yard sales for end of season deals which  everybody knows New Hampshire is tax free. Conclude your fishing and enjoy the golfing till the last minute of season, and then relax either within the comfort of your cabin or the grounds of The Patio Motor Court. Then as the snow season emerges check our website site for the lastest news  and be ready to book our cabins for the winter season which provides Skiing, X-Country, Snowshoeing and Snowmobiling information.


Here are some of the Foliage links

New Hampshire Foliage Reports

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For an up-to-date foliage report call the New Hampshire Foliage Hotline at 1-800-258-3608.


The Patio Motor Court

1-800-22-PATIO   Or (603)-846-5515

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